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junior Academy - Girls & Boys

Players Aged 5 - 12 years

Entering the game

"Not Played" Competitive Football Ages 5-8 Years

If you have not played competitive football in 4v4,5v5,7v7 or 9v9 and have only played at school . Please register for our Pre-Academy Program. Through our Pre-Academy Programs players will learn the game and progress to teams when feasible and deemed suitable as part of their development. 

junior Academy

Age 6-12 Years

For players who have played organised 4v4,5v5,7v7,9v9,11v11 Football

Parents and Coaches can have a massive influence through a young player’s formative years. As a club we fully appreciate all the hard work our coaches put in to help and support our players on thier development journeys. 

The early stages of development are all about having fun and enjoying the game. As players progress by working on foundation skills, passing, control and technical ability, in time it progressively makes players more competent and comfortable on the ball.

Early years of adolescence see players become more agile and fast, gaining strength on the ball.