Rossvale FC 20s vs Ashfield FC 20s

Lowland Development League


Match Report

Losing an early goal after 3 minutes our our Performance Development team were under pressure from the start. While edging possession with 52% of possession in the game it was only a matter of time till we equalised, but we left it till late in the second half (72 mins) which brought the game back to life with with a fantastic side footed goal from Bucky. 

The lead was short lived after a lack of central cover and poor defending we lost a goal from a long ball in the (75th min). It was a battling performance with 17 shots on goal and many missed chances.

In the late stages of the game (87 mins)we got our rewards for some hard work and in the dying minutes the best goal of the game came from man of the match Rossvale Connor Joyce with a well crafted bend into the top corner providing us with a well deserved draw.

Progressive  improvement for the previous week reflected in the game stats, our possession increase by 6%, shots on goal increased by 14, our pass completion dramatically increased from 101 to 154 competed passes, possession won increased from 110 to 132, over all a pleasing progressive improvement. 

Man of the Match - Connor Joyce