A Growth Mindset

A Players Mindset

 Self-development starts in the mind of the player and many have underlying beliefs that hold them back?

Our principles are based on the research carried out by Carol S. Dweck, who is widely regarded as a leading researcher in the field of development psychology.

Her research focused on the underlying belief’s that individuals have two mindsets, “fixed” and “growth”.

A Fixed Mindset

Players with fixed mind-sets have a perception they are born with a set of capabilities and that they cannot be change.

They can perceive other players are more talented and have a better chance of making the grade because they are more talented.

Talented players with fixed mind-sets can perceive they don’t have to work hard.

A Growth Mindset

Where individuals believe that they can develop their abilities through practice and improve their performance by working hard on all the areas that limit their ability to compete.

They learn how to develop their ability by practicing on the areas where potential gains can be obtained to make them a better player.

They embrace challenges and don’t worry about set-backs – they just see this as part of the development journey