Rossvale FC Club Statement

Club Statement

The Club

Rossvale FC was founded in 1976, by John Grey. As current Club President Ian Grey as been involved in running the club for several years now with the responsibility for driving the growth strategy.  Since the formation of the club it has grown to around 680 players.

Name Change Media Statement

Further to reports in the media our Club was changing its name we would like to clarify and state the Club has no intention to change its name and will remain as Rossvale FC.

For clarification the announcement came from the team currently competing in the West of Scotland 1st Division as Rossvale FC (The Team).

Rossvale FC (The Team) were granted an application to leave Rossvale FC (The Club) to set up on their own as a separate entity, this application was granted by Rossvale FC (The Club) with the agreement they could still play under the Rossvale FC name to alleviate issues with league and identity till a time when they would change their name for season 2023/24.

The announcement yesterday was expected and welcomed by (The Club) Rossvale FC, unfortunate its caused some confusion across social media. 

During season 2022/23 Rossvale FC (The Team) competing in the 1st Division of the West of Scotland League West of Scotland 1st Division has not formed any part of Rossvale FC (The Club) 

The name change took place on the 5th of April where Rossvale FC (The Team) changed their name to Caledonian Thistle FC.

With no name association to Rossvale FC (The Club), we now wish Caledonian Thistle FC every success operating and competing under their new name. 

Please visit and for further information on our club and pathways.