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Academy Manager - Craig Sutherland

We are please to announce the services of Craig Sutherland as our new Academy Manager.

Craig is a fully qualified football coach at children’s, youth and adult levels, while having coached at every level from juvenile, amateur, junior, highland league and senior level throughout the years. 

As a Professional Development football coach for Manchester City Football Club in Connecticut, USA. Craig delivered the Manchester City Football Development Program to enhance development of all players within club partnerships with Evolution Soccer.

Craig then worked as a Foreign Expert Football Coach for Manchester City Football Club in Hangzhou, China to deliver the Manchester City Development Program at Professional level to Hangzhou Greentown Football Club.

Craig has also coached at Dundee FC among other teams and had a period of running his own player development academy business.

This along with an array of coaching certificates will make Craig a valued member of the Rossvale FC structure. 

Craig’s initial task will be to structure and organise enter level football while providing a pathway from our newly created Pre- Academy program through to integration into our Rossvale development teams  at 4v4, 5v5,7v7 through to 9v9s. 

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